Wednesday, 20 February 2019
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Hot Offer!! Arrow15: Houses in Vlas tea1227097210.jpg
The houses are situated between the most famous sea-side complex Sunny Beach and Snt.Vlas-fast developing village.There are located in attractive a...
Vlas/EUR 95.000
Arrow14: House in Gorica tea1206456078.jpg
This typical Bulgarian two storey house is located only 20km. away from the most famous sea resort-Sunny Beach and about 35km. to Bourgas and the i...
Gorica/EUR 49.000
Hot Offer!! Arrow6: House in Kameno tea1206120309.jpg
The House is situated in a small town ,called Kameno,only 17km. far from the beautifull town of Bourgas and about 45km. from the most famous comple...
Kameno/EUR 60.000
Arrow22: House in Galabec tea1206906383.jpg
The house is situated in a village only 20 km from the most famous sea-side complexs-Sunny Beach and about 30 min fahr to Bourgas and international...
Galabec/EUR 48.000
Arrow23: House in Laka tea1206907124.jpg
The house is located just 7 km from Bourgs and international airport and 25 km from Sunny Beach,in a fast developing village!The house is in good c...
Laka/EUR 56.000
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