Wednesday, 20 February 2019
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Hot Offer!! Arrow17: Land for sale in Ravda tea1206492097.jpg
Plot of land in Ravda. Second line on the beach.The land is in regulation.The entire erea of the plot is 4.651sq.m . A very well developed village...
Ravda/EUR 145
Hot Offer!! Arrow3: Land for sale in Sunny Beach tea1207504689.jpg
Regulated land whith nice view and astonishing price. 4258sq.m. inside the biggest european ressort Sunny Beach.This is what a builder can dream for!
Sunny Beach/EUR 140
Hot Offer!! Arrow10: Land for sale in Sunny Beach tea1206312481.jpg
The plot of land is in Sunny Beach, is first line to the main higway Burgas-Varna . The area of the plot is 1850.00 sq.m. The land is in regula...
Sunny beach/EUR 135
Arrow33: Land in Sunny Beach tea1207205670.jpg
Plot of land in Sunny Beach . First line oh the higway Bourgas-Varna. The land is in regulation , with the entire area of 1.957 sq.m . Next to the ...
Nessebar/EUR 135
Hot Offer!! Arrow18: Land for sale in Aheloi tea1206694897.jpg
The plot of land it's first line on the beach in Aheloi. With 3.000sq.m . 3km from most famous complex Sunny Beach. Near to regulation. The lan...
Aheloi/EUR 110
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