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Wednesday, 20 February 2019
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Ten Reasons To

Buy a Property

 in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is emerging as a popular year round holiday destination, with beautiful sandy beaches to enjoy in the summer and some of the best skiing conditions on offer in the winter, all this at a lower cost than other European destinations. Accession into the EU will benefit the country immensely, improving roads, strengthening the economy further and also improving living and working conditions.

Ten Reasons To Buy a Property in Bulgaria

1. Incredibly Low Prices - property prices are among the lowest in Europe .

Just with your holding deposit in Spain , you can buy a property in Bulgaria .
All properties in the country are freehold;

2. Lower Cost of Living - considerably cheaper expenses for your everyday cost of living compared to Spain , Greece or Portugal . Cost of living is the lowest in Europe ;

3. Political Stability and growing economy - political and economic reforms are in progress in a favorable political climate;

4. Member of NATO - a recognition of the country’s past efforts as well as a guarantee for its safe future;

5. Joining EU in 2007 - persistence in meeting all the requirements has become Bulgaria ’s emblem placing the country on the clear path towards 2007 EU membership;

6. Healthy Climate and Life-Giving Waters - more than 300 sunny days per year. Average yearly temperature 10.5°C. Average temperature from April through September 23°C. Bulgaria’s 550 mineral springs cure bronchial asthma and various conditions of the respiratory tract, urological and liver problems, cardiac and vascular diseases, disturbances of the nervous and the reproductive systems, etc.;

7. Excellent investment potential - due to the country emerging the way it is in all areas, capital appreciation is high, making excellent returns on investment. Fast developing real estate market, with significant foreign investment. Liberal foreign investment laws, Improving bank mortgage system, 52 agreements on mutual protection and promotion of foreign investment;

8. Extremely Varied Landscape - warm, sunny beaches and cool alpine mountains – just several hours’ drive from each other;

9. Friendly Atmosphere - Bulgarians are warm and hearty people, renowned for their hospitality to foreign visitors;

10. Easy Access - just over three hours away from most British airports.

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